Foam Tape

Pretreatment: Pretreatment or corona treatment is used if necessary to better maintain the precoat on a new substrate made of polypropylene with a length of 5000 m and a width of 1.1 m.
Precoating: A primer is added to the substrate during the precoating process. This will allow the adhesive to be better retained later. Then scrape off the excess precoat with a spatula.
how to coating the acylic adhesive
Drying: After pre-coating is a short drying process: the substrate passes through five temperature zones where the water in the pre-coating evaporates.
Pressing roller station: At this stage, the warping roller is flattened so that the film remains smooth and wrinkle-free under tension.
Edge control of the web: re-accurate adjustment of the web – keep running straight on the track without sliding left or right
Post-coating: The adhesive is applied using a reduced roll and deflection roll. At this stage, the excess adhesive is also scraped off with a spatula.

Drying: The post-coating process is followed by the final drying process. The substrate is covered with a still water-containing adhesive that will be dried through 12 drying zones. The temperature rises steadily first and then falls back when it is about to end.

Winding: Finally, the finished tape is wound on a large roll and die-cut. This means that in the last step it is cut into various sizes (length and width), wound onto a suitably standardized core, and packaged.

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