Tape Glazing 6.4mm*12mm*10m (eva)


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  • Supply Ability:1000000000 Piece/Pieces per Month
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Basic Introduction:

Structural glazing tape is used as a spacing element in structurally glazed fabrications. The structural glazing tape forms an effective short-term bond between the frame and the IG unit during assembly and creates a gap in the correct dimensions.

It has many names, different regions have different names: Tape Glazing, Glazing Tape, Window Glazing Tape, Double Sided Glazing Tape, Foam Glazing Tape, Structural Glazing Tape, Glazing Tape For Glass, thermalbond, thermal bond tape, Spacer Tape, Spacer Tape Glazing, Structural Glazing Spacer Tape, Norton Foam Tape, Norton Glazing Tape, Norton Spacer Tape.

Toptape®️ EVA & PVC Foam Glazing Tape sample HD photoes:

Glazing Tape made by Toptape®️:

Structural Glazing Spacer Tape is used as a spacer for joint dimension control in structural silicone glazing systems. it is designed as a spacer for glass, metal, stone, mineral cement, and plastic panels in structural silicone glazing is to temporarily secure glazing or panels to the framework in shop fabrication of unitized structural silicone glazing and cladding systems; to temporarily secure lightweight veneers to substrates while permanent structural silicone adhesives are curing; as a thermal break to reduce the conduction of heat; to provide an even sight line in vision areas.
We have 2 kinds of glazing tape, open-cell PVC foam, and close-cell EVA foam. PVC is closer to Norton. EVA is more economical.

Toptape®️ Double Sided EVA & PVC Glazing Tape Master Roll:

Toptape®️ Window Glazing Tape Parameters Table:

Product No. carrier Thickness





Shore C

PVC structural glazing tape TGV-3 PVC foam, open cell 3.2 350 70
PVC structural glazing tape TGV-4 PVC foam, open cell 4.8 350 70
PVC structural glazing tape TGV-6 PVC foam, open cell 6.4 350 70
PVC structural glazing tape TGV-8 PVC foam, open cell 8 350 70
PVC structural glazing tape TGV-9 PVC foam, open cell 9 350 70
PVC structural glazing tape TGV-10 PVC foam, open cell 10 350 70
EVA structural glazing tape TGE-3 EVA foam, close cell 3.2 100 55
EVA structural glazing tape TGE-4 EVA foam, close cell 4.8 100 55
EVA structural glazing tape TGE-6 EVA foam, close cell 6.4 100 55
EVA structural glazing tape TGE-8 EVA foam, close cell 8 100 55
EVA structural glazing tape TGE-9 EVA foam, close cell 9 100 55
EVA structural glazing tape TGE-10 EVA foam, close cell 10 100 55


  • High-density foam. Hard than usual foam.
  • Excellent holding power; peel strength and initial adhesion.
  • Anti-shock, heat, and humidity resistance.
  • Superior stick capabilities on different surfaces such as metal; plastic; paper; wood and silicon.


  • Structural silicone systems.
  • In addition to holding the glass or cladding at a predetermined distance from the substrate for proper silicone joint design.
  • Proofing sound, and resisting shock in the areas such as construction regions.

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