There are many reasons that will influence double-sided foam tape price.

The thickness of the foam tape: the accuracy of the thickness of the foam tape will affect the quality the Thickness is from 0.1mm to 50mm.

From the material of double-sided tape with foam, there are many kind quality products on the market because of the various types of foam;

  1. PE/IXPE foam adhesive tape;
  2. EVA foam adhesive tape;
  3. PVC foam adhesive tape;
  4. PU foam adhesive tape;
  5. EPDM foam adhesive tape;
  6. CR foam adhesive tape;
  7. SBR foam adhesive tape;
  8. NEOPRENE foam adhesive tape

From the color: As far as foam tape is concerned, it is white, black, gray, light gray, and generally gray. Of course, different customer requirements are also different. Put customer requirements first.

From the density: different die-cutting products choose different foam tape materials.

From adhesive type:

  • Hotmelt foam adhesive tape
  • Acrylic foam adhesive tape
  • Rubber-based foam adhesive tape

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