Basic Introduction:

SUPER STRONG ADHESION Double-sided acrylic tape with nanotech is ideal for mounting purposes. High adhesion capacity allows mounting on metal, plastic, aluminum, or glasses surfaces. TEMPERATURE & WEATHERPROOF This tape is both weatherproof and waterproof, making it perfect for indoor and outdoor use such as mounting photo frames, and kitchen tools, and stopping furniture, rugs, or carpeting from moving and sliding. REUSABLE Alien tape can be reused multiple times, and it should work just as effectively the seventh time as it did the first. Just rinse it off in the sink and let it dry before applying it to a new surface.

It has many names, different regions have different names: alien tape, gecko tape, tryalientape, gel tape, reusable tape, reusable double sided tape,double sided gel tape, magic gel tape, gel tape double-sided, gecko grip tape, alien tape tape double sided, 3m gel tape.

Alien Tape Alien Double Sided Nano Tape sample HD photos:

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Alien Tape Alien Double Sided Nano Tape made by Toptape®️:

Nano tape is Made from the latest acrylic-gel material, transparent double-sided adhesive tape is super strong adhesion ,the adhesion is 3 times of the regular adhesive tape, incredibly strong and durable. Allows mounting on metal, plastic, marble,wood or glasses surfaces. Warning: Not for use on dry-painted surfaces,pelinted wall,wall paper,peeling wall,gypsum wall,stone wall.

Toptape®️ Double Sided Glazing Tape Master Roll:

Toptape®️ Alien Tape Double Sided Nano Tape Master Roll After Cutting:

Toptape®️ Alien Tape Double Sided Nano Tape Parameters Table:

Product name Product No. Thickness&width&length color
Nano tape TNS-1 T 1mm*W 30mm*L 1m clear
Nano tape TNM-1 T 1mm*W 30mm*L 3m clear
Nano tape TNL-1 T 1mm*W 30mm*L 5m clear
Nano tape TNS-2 T 2mm*W 30mm*L 1m clear
Nano tape TNS-2 T 2mm*W 30mm*L 3m clear
Nano tape TNS-2 T 2mm*W 30mm*L 5m clear


  • high flexibility, not easy to break.
  • can be cut into any shape.
  • high transparency, no residue.
  • can be washed and reused.
  • can do different sizes.


This double sided tape will stick to almost anything with a smooth surface so you can stick anything anywhere. Good performance in both indoor and outdoor. it can be used in home, office, car for wall hanging, applicance fixing, wall panel and carpet installation You can use it to fix or paste lots of items such as pictures,photos,frames,wall stickers,posters,hooks,shelves,phone holders,carpets,flowerpots,power sockets,decorations, DIY items.

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