waterproof double-sided tape is the abbreviation of very high bond, which means super adhesive double-sided tape.

waterproof double-sided tape sizes:

waterproof double-sided tape can be applied to complex stressed structures, effectively replacing screws, rivets, and welding, and providing durable bonding and sealing beyond imagination. In the field of tape, its appearance has iconic significance.

As China’s early factory of VHB waterproof double-sided foam tape production line companies, China’s earliest acrylic tape production line companies, TOPTAPE produced the earliest Chinese waterproof double-sided tape with excellent performance, TOPTAPE has mastered the core technology of industrial tapes and innovated and developed TOPTAPE VHB with original research and development.

waterproof double-sided tape is made of foam, and its structural strength is more than 5 times that of ordinary foam. waterproof double-sided tape effectively isolating water vapor, achieving air-tight and water-tight effects, and providing reliable guarantees in terms of stability and reliability. TOPTAPE effectively improves the adhesiveness and hanging weight of the tape and can be successfully applied in a variety of harsh and complex environments.

Application of waterproof double-sided tape

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For cars:

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