Foam Glazing Tape for Window & Door Glazing.

installing glass into a window.
Acrylic foam glazing tape is a double-sided tape supplied with a pressure-sensitive adhesive. Glazing tape is specially designed with high bonding strength for low-surface energy substrates including vinyl, aluminum, and glass.

Structural Glazing
This refers to commercial window construction and curtain wall glazing. Glazed curtain walls are one of the most commonly used systems for commercial buildings and require high strength adhesion.

TOPTAPE structural glazing tape is ideal for standard window and door applications as well as other types of window glazing applications. Glazing tape is a cleaner and more convenient option over siliconized latex glazing compounds, glazing putty, and other messy or difficult products.

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Acrylic foam glazing tape is typically used to seal the area between the glass panel and window sash or door frame to prevent water and air leaks.

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