It is made of Medium-density EVA foam with permanent adhesive on one surface. single-sided foam tape Malaysia comes with a silicones release paper for easy un-roll and application. Resistance to abrasion, corrosion, and moisture. Coated on one side with a high-quality pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive. Very good Ultraviolet (UV) light resistance.

Feature of single-sided foam tape Malaysia

  1. It has excellent airtightness to avoid gas release and atomization.
  2. Excellent resistance to compression and deformation, that is, elasticity and durability, which can ensure long-term shock-proof protection for accessories.
  3. It is flame retardant, does not contain harmful and toxic substances, does not remain, does not pollute the equipment, and is not corrosive to metals.
  4. It can be used in a variety of temperature ranges. It can be used from minus 20 degrees Celsius to 90 degrees.
  5. The surface has excellent wettability, easy to bond, easy to make, and easy to punch.
  6. Long-lasting adhesion, large peeling, strong initial adhesion, and good weather resistance!
  7. Waterproof, solvent resistant, high temperature resistant, and good conformability on curved surfaces.

Application of single-sided foam tape Malaysia

Single-sided foam tape Malaysia is widely used in electronic and electrical products, mechanical parts, various small home appliances, mobile phone accessories, industrial instruments, computers and peripheral equipment, auto parts, audio-visual equipment, toys, cosmetics, craft gifts, medical equipment, power tools, office Stationery, shelf display, home decoration, acrylic glass, ceramic products, transportation industry insulation, paste, seal, non-slip and shock-proof packaging.

Most popular size of single-sided foam tape Malaysia

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