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The Finished Tape Is Wound On A Large Roll And Die-cut


Pretreatment or corona treatment is used if necessary to better maintain the precoat on a new substrate made of polypropylene with a length of 5000 m and a width of 1.1 m.


A primer is added to the substrate during the precoating process. This will allow the adhesive to be better retained later. Then scrape off the excess precoat with a spatula.


After pre-coating is a short drying process: the substrate passes through five temperature zones where the water in the pre-coating evaporates.

Pressing roller station:

At this stage, the warping roller is flattened so that the film remains smooth and wrinkle-free under tension.

Edge control of the web:

re-accurate adjustment of the web – keep running straight on the track without sliding left or right


The adhesive is applied using a reduced roll and deflection roll. At this stage, the excess adhesive is also scraped off with a spatula.


The post-coating process is followed by the final drying process. The substrate is covered with a still water-containing adhesive that will be dried through 12 drying zones. The temperature rises steadily first and then falls back when it is about to end.


Finally, the finished tape is wound on a large roll and die-cut. This means that in the last step it is cut into various sizes (length and width), wound onto a suitably standardized core and packaged.

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